vDome – Live Interactive Open Source Software for the Digital Dome, Fulldome – VJing, Gaming, and Art at IMERSA 2013

The IMERSA Summit this year was amazing with workshops, speakers, technology shares, and live dome performances. We were proud to show off our vDome software.
vDome was created by Ethan Bach and Charles Veasey at the Institute of American Indian Arts as part of DoD funded research. At IMERSA 2013, we showcased the soon to be released open source software highlighting its capabilities for plug and play, external sensor motion generated interactive art, and live VJ performance. The calibration between projectors was seamless without lag. vDome runs on a single Mac computer! The digital dome is about to become user friendly and super fun!

This clip was taken from the IMERSA highlights video created by Derek Osterlund and Jane Crayton. The full video can be seen here vimeo.com/60871691

More information on vDome, and its open source release, coming soon!

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