Ethan Bach joins Vortex Immersion Media as Creative Director

Bach Multimedia announces that we have signed on with  Vortex Immersion Media. Ethan Bach has joined forces with Vortex in the role of Creative Director. Bach will oversee and develop an Artist in Residence program, grant funded projects, workshops and curriculum development for education institutes.

Vortex Immersion Triple Dome Fulldome

“Expanding immersive media in fulldome and other immersive digital environments by providing more opportunities for artists and producers in an important step in the evolution of this technology,” said Ethan Bach, Owner of Bach Multimedia. “Vortex is a well established and respected company that is invested in bringing the best there is to offer to their clients and the world. And if the best has yet to exist, we will create it together.”

The widely known company, Vortex Immersion Media, is a leading agency in production, design and development dedicated to delivering visionary immersive entertainment content, venues and related products and services. With decades of experience in immersive art and entertainment production and technologies, an extensive advisory network, and worldwide relationships with leading media and special effects professionals, Vortex is uniquely positioned to usher in the next generation of highly compelling group interactive attractions, venues and 360 immersive content.

Vortex brings a very talented staff and amazing facilities in the Vortex Dome located in the heart of Los Angeles at LA Center Studios, their portable event and exhibition domes, and talents in touch design, projection mapping, gesture technology and multiple display systems. The future of immersive digital technology lies in the collaboration of artists, engineers and corporations in order to push the technology and the visual imagery forward. Ethan Bach of Bach Multimedia brings the fine art and education piece this collaboration.

Ethan Bach worked as the Digital Dome Director at the Institute of American Indian Arts doing research and creating curriculum.

Ethan Bach worked as the Digital Dome Director at the Institute of American Indian Arts doing research, curative art shows, working with artists, creating curriculum and teaching.

Ethan Bach is a consultant, project manager and art producer and owner and operator of Bach Multimedia. He received an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008 and BA in Media Production from The Evergreen State College in 1996. Ethan’s expertise in immersive video art and project management builds from almost 20 years of experience.

Bach’s experience as a researcher in fulldome includes working as Principal Investigator for a DoD grant developing interactivity for fulldome and as a research associate for a National Science Foundation grant developing tools and content for fulldome environments. He has developed numerous dome courses, an artist in residence program, curated several art shows and worked with Charles Veasey to create vDome software for the digital dome that runs off a single computer and allows for easy plug and play, VJing, interactive art, and gaming. vDome is currently in open source release and being translated into C++.

Bach is internationally known for his media art which is primarily in immersive and interactive media. Bach’s artistic expertise in experimental media won him awards from the Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Film Visions, and New Mexico Art in Public Spaces. Solo Exhibitions include the interactive, real-time international storytelling installation, “Retrieving Humanity” (2010) at the Santa Fe Complex, as well as “Translations” (2010) at the NW Film Forum in Seattle. His recent interactive video installation “The Royal Road Project” has shown at Aqua Art as part of Art Basel Miami (2012) and in Currents 2013. He has been invited to show at international experimental media and film exhibitions from Bangalore to Madrid.

Vortex Immersion Los Angeles fulldome

Ethan Bach joins Vortex Immersive Media from Santa Fe, New Mexico where he continues to operate Bach Multimedia LLC. He will be spending more time in Los Angeles to work with the Vortex crew and get to know the art community in the city.  Ethan’s past work has been diverse providing him with the skills necessary to have success in this new collaboration. Bach produced an international film festival at the age of twenty three, and has worked in the capacity of film distribution, online Pay Per View distribution, college faculty, artist, curator and fulldome researcher.


About Bach Multimedia LLC
Bach Multimedia provides a plethora of services in Social Media Marketing, Consulting, Project Management, and Art Production with an emphasis on immersive media specifically digital dome (fulldome) environments. They provide training for artists and producers in dome production techniques, curation and management for shows, as well as research project management. Other services include: web design, graphic design, web content management, digital photography (HDR and spherical), videography, multi-camera shoots with live mixing and streaming, interactive immersive art installation, worldwide telepresence art installations, video production, video distribution and video editing.

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Ethan Bach

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