The Six Inch Gallery – Featuring Work by Carole LaRoche

The Six Inch Gallery
Featuring Work by Carole LaRoche

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NOTE: Six Inch Gallery featured in Local iQ Magazine!

The Six Inch Gallery exhibits the work of contemporary artists on the walls of a hand drawn online exhibition space. The new exhibition, The Spirits, features the pastels of Santa Fe artist Carole LaRoche. Carole’s artwork is populated with figures who are simultaneously different and touchingly familiar. Please join us at the

“People can look at The Spirits and find answers,” LaRoche says. She sees the figures in her art as spiritual guides – messengers from a parallel universe. Her pastels combine elements of Egyptian, Native American, and other mythologies. Carole’s portraits of animals and shamans are simply composed and have a primitive, mystical quality. The viewer knows how the figures feel and figures seem to understand the viewer too.

The gallery also permanently exhibits Orlando Leibovitz’s Visual Diary. In 2012, Orlando created a visual diary image for each day of the year. In these six inch collage/drawings, Orlando recorded his daily perceptions and emotions, documenting his unfolding inner life and his artistic and spiritual journey.
The Six Inch Gallery is devoted to showcasing a variety of contemporary art. The gallery aspires to engage a broad and diverse worldwide audience and to create a place for exploration, stimulation and discussion about contemporary art. Each show becomes part of the permanent collection offering a continuously growing online gallery experience.

The gallery was conceived and drawn by Orlando Leibovitz and is a collaborative artwork among Orlando, the artist, and technologists. Orlando draws the architectural space and the figures that appear in the gallery on six inch square paper. The architectural drawings are then scanned and each artists’ work is digitally hung on the walls.

Please visit us online at the for the opening of The Spirits by Carole LaRoche. This unique online contemporary art gallery revisualizes the ways in which we view art on the web.

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For more information,

Contact 505-670-5423

Visit Orlando’s Website
For press images, please go to

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